New Treatment for Osteoporosis Provides Better Protection Against Fractures

Do you know that there is now an innovative cure for osteoporosis? This innovative cure offers key enhancements in protecting you against fractures and bone density. In fact, the newly found cure is far better than the current known treatment. One amazing thing about the new study is that it remains the premier research to compare the impact of 2 osteoporosis medications on fractures.

One of the advantages of the new research model is that its findings can help provide better protection against fractures. This implies that patients can now get relief from their nagging illness. It is difficult for many osteoporosis victims to regain their initial bone density and energy. This can lead to a high risk of fractures and poor bone density.

According to the current standard treatment, victims are liable to experience fractures, time and again. Buying alendronate as the cure to poor bone density and fractures may not be the solution. While it can help victims for some time, this medication ordeal may not last long.

By reducing the breakdown of bone, Alendronate may provide a small relief. Alendronate is also known to bolster bone density in patients. The function of this medicine will only reduce the danger of fractures by twenty to fifty percent. Elderly women are commonly known to have osteoporosis. This means that they will frequently experience broken bones due to the nature of their body. When elderly people have a slight fall, it may also lead to experiencing fractures. Constant experiencing of fractures can make people suffer and face disability. Premature death can also emanate from vertebral and hip fractures.

The research study surfaces women with previous fractures and suffering from osteoporosis. These victims received care from the new medication called romosozumab and alendronate for a couple of months. Romososumab remains an antibody that is capable of shielding sclerostin. This will help in the formation of new bones. The reaction of romosozumab helped affected people to grow more new bones than anticipated.

The actual goal of the research is to discover why victims suffer fractures. The result shows that people taking romosozumab has forty-eight percent better outcomes than alendronate. This proves that the new medicine is strong enough to help reduce any problem of fracture that people experience.

The study shows that the affected people liable to the risk of leg or arm fracture received about twenty-seven percent better treatment by using romosozumab. Though, other groups show different levels of experiencing a fracture. The deal is that romosozumab helped to provide a better care to victims than expected.

Another thing that remains clear during the study is that both medicines provided almost the same side effects. About two percent of the victims show signs of being affected by cardiovascular diseases in the likes of stroke or heart attack. The 2.25 percent showing cardiovascular activities are those using romosozumab. For victims using alendronate, the risk of cardiovascular events is at 1.9 percent.

Experts are calling for further clarification on the safe areas of the new medication. Another quick research on the study has proven that using romosozumab will not cause more risks of cardiovascular diseases to affected people. This implies that have romosozumab in the treatment approach will help to reduce the tension of fractures.


The bone of contention in this study is that romosozumab remains an effective medicine to cure fractures and bone density issues. The medicine is also a great relief for people who have high-risk tendency to experiencing fractures. While alendronate may help solve the problem for a little space of time, depending on romosozumab is a better way to go. It will not pose a greater risk to victims of osteoporosis.